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Career Communities

Career Communities focus on grouping similar industries and assist you in exploring your career options within these industries outside of the limits of your major. For example, a marketing major could consider many different industries including doing marketing for non-profits, healthcare, business, etc..

Log into Hire-A-Niner and choose your Career Communities of interest, and you will receive resources that will help you explore these communities.

By selecting into a Career Community, you will be able to receive tailored Career Community information and events like:

  • Career Meet Ups
  • Career Treks
  • Networking Events & Panels
  • Career Coaching one-on-one appointments!

Do you desire to be innovative, creative, and impact popular culture in your career? Is flexibility, originality, and collaboration something you value in a work environment? Creative opportunities can be found in every sector, nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Check out the Arts, Media, + Design Career Community for assistance in pursuing a career in the creative economy!

Arts Management | Journalism & Broadcasting | Creative Engineering | Entertainment, Performance & Media | Visual Art & Design | Public Relations

Are you interested in progressing a company forward, acquiring, holding, investing financial funds, building efficiency, or the exchange of goods and services? Organizational targets in this community include start ups, and medium and large enterprise in the consumer product goods, banking, consulting, and manufacturing sectors.

Accounting | Banking | Finance | Human Resources | Insurance | Marketing | Retail & Business Management | Supply Chain Management

Do you have a passion for thinking outside the box, solving technical problems, and doing hands-on projects/designs? Do you find yourself thinking, "how does this work" or "how could this run more effectively"? Are you precise and systematic in your work? Then check out the Engineering, Manufacturing, & Energy Career Community to learn more about careers across majors, interests and skills.

Aerospace | Construction | Defense | Energy & Power Generation | Environmental Engineering | Motorsports & Automotive | Research and Development

Do you have an interest in the health and welfare of people, use of scientific knowledge to make the world a better place, or managing systems that relate to healthcare? This community is for those targeting organizations that promote and manage the health, wellness, and scientific research of life in all of its forms. Individuals in this community might find themselves with work environments such as hospitals, laboratories, health education and policy think tanks, or continuing their career pursuits into health professions programs.

Biotechnology | Enviromental & Sustainability | Health & Wellness | Medicine School | Nursing | Pharmaceuticals

Are you passionate about solving social problems, influencing change, addressing legal issues, supporting under-served communities, and working with children, youth, and families? Are you interested in becoming an advocate, educator, policymaker, or counselor?

Community & Social Services | Education | Government | International Affairs | Law & Justice | Nonprofit | Policy

Does the idea of working in a cutting edge and innovative field in terms of technology and analytics sound enticing? Are problem solving, inquiry and application of technology and analytics skills of interest? If so, check out the Technology, Data, & Analytics Career Community to learn more about careers across majors, interests and skills!

Artificial Intelligence | Bioinformatics | Data Science | Information Security | Networking | Software Development & Engineering

For students who aren't really sure where they want to go yet and want guidance in exploring their interests and what industries might be a good fit.