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Campus Involvement & Ways to Engage

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Career Communities focus on grouping similar industries and assist you in exploring your career options within these industries outside of the limits of your major. Join one or two to explore industries, meet other students interested in similar fields, and to find ways to get involved with employers and events.

Career coaches can provide guidance on a variety of things, helping you with choosing a major, exploring your career options, helping with the job search, gaining experience while in college, and more. They aim to support your career development either one-on-one in a coaching session or via our Drop-Ins.

There are an abundance of volunteer opportunities to involve yourself in as a means to explore industries and the community, while positively impacting society. Being involved in and outside of your field is a great way to connect with people in many different areas allowing you to make a difference for others and for yourself.

A great way to engage with your major and industries of interest is through campus clubs and organizations. Join those that are related to your major, your career interests, or general interests to connect with like minded individuals, create and collaborate on projects and ideas, and possibly engage with external partners.

Every Academic Department has different ways they involve their students with them, it could be through: Newsletters, Department/College Events or Career Fairs, Department Seminar Events, TED Talks, and more. Your academic advisor and faculty in each department can also help you understand minors and certificates to consider that will keep you involved and growing.

Using this online tool, UNC Charlotte students can explore campus activities that align with the eight career competencies. By engaging in these campus activities, students can grow in these skill areas, which will prepare them for life after college. Employers are interested in graduates who are competent in these top 8 areas and want to know how you have developed those skills during your time enrolled.