Faculty & Staff


Our vision is to re-imagine how the return-on-investment and purpose of higher education is translated to constituents such as students, employers, and our society in general. To do this, we are assisting our university to both understand what competencies are highly valued in purposeful work and how we, as a university, are providing students with the experience and opportunity to develop these competencies in the curriculum and through engagement in campus training and activities outside the classroom. 

YOU make a difference!

Students are 1.5X more likely to thrive if they have a faculty/staff who care

...1.9X more likely to thrive if they had a mentor who encouraged

...1.8X more likely to thrive if they worked on a project in class or did an internship

...1.6X more likely to thrive if they were active on campus

...5.8X more likely to say their university prepared them for life if they used the career center


Types of Support

  • Training Programs: The career center creates and maintains ample opportunities for our colleagues across the university to hone their skills and knowledge on best practices in helping students with their career education, integrating the concepts of purposeful work into the curriculum, and discovering innovative approaches to blending services into a concerted Charlotte Model of success. Learn more about the Career Consultant Training Program.
  • Research: Our office participates in numerous studies and research opportunities, nationally and internationally, to provide the most up-to-date collection of articles, research, and publications that center around what employers are looking for, how higher education is evolving, purposeful work, and the future of work. 
  • Consulting: Career center staff are available to provide 1:1 consulting to faculty and staff, departments and units, in the discovery process and eventual design of new ways to enhance curricula, programs, and events to integrate concepts relating to post-college success. Contact Dr. Suzanne Voigt, svoigt@uncc.edu, to set up a consultation.
  • Learning Artifacts: The Career Education Team continues to develop learning artifacts commonly used by faculty to help translate competencies gained, help our students brand themselves towards their career goals, and gain experience along the way.

Our Commitment to YOU

  • Individual Support: The career center provides career coaching support to our faculty and staff interested in their own career development and personal branding. 
    • If you are a current student or alumni – you are eligible to request a career coaching appointment through Hire-A-Niner.
    • If you are NOT a current student or alumni – please feel free to contact Dr. Suzanne Voigt at svoigt@uncc.edu and/or Dr. Patrick Madsen at pmadsen@uncc.edu to schedule some time to chat!
  • Programming & Events: Our office has developed numerous events, Meet Ups, panel sessions, and other programming on career education, many blending both professional staff and professionals from industry.  ALL programs and events are open to faculty and staff to attend!  These are great opportunities to hone your skills and brand while also networking with others.  We also encourage you to check out programming found through Human Resource’s Learning & Development Team.
  • Presentation Request: Do you have a group of faculty and/or staff interested in a particular topic associated with career branding, the future of work, purposeful work, or other related topics and looking for a presentation or workshop – contact Dr. Suzanne Voigt at svoigt@uncc.edu and/or Dr. Patrick Madsen at pmadsen@uncc.edu.  We would be happy to help develop something specific for your group or potentially find a guest speaker from industry.
  • Career Assessments for Faculty/Staff: If you and your group are interested in a career assessment for your professional development, please contact Jessica Kapota, Director of Learning & Organizational Development, jkapota@uncc.edu, to learn more about the DISC assessment.