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The Career Collaborative

The Career Collaborative includes faculty and staff at UNC Charlotte who actively and intentionally partner with the Career Center to support students in pursuing purposeful work. Our vision is to re-imagine how the return-on-investment and purpose of higher education is translated to constituents such as students, employers, and our society in general. To do this, we are assisting our university faculty and staff to both understand what skills and experiences are highly valued in purposeful work and how we, as a university, are providing students with the experience and opportunity to develop these skills and experiences in the curriculum and through engagement in campus training and activities outside the classroom. 

Career Collaborators:

  • Contribute to a holistic student development approach that connects students’ academic and career goals
  • Actively participate in collaborative initiatives with the Career Center to enhance students’ career readiness and competitiveness in the job market
  • Integrate career and skill development into curriculum and campus activities to bridge the connection between the classroom and career
  • Provide expertise and guidance to students through their lived experience
  • Seek to help students see their personal identity at work through career resources and opportunities that help them achieve their own ideas of career success

Benefits of Being a Career Collaborator:

  • Gain priority status for classroom presentations, assignments, assessments, and other collaborative opportunities
  • Receive one email per month, highlighting essential career development resources, services, events, employers, etc.
  • Connect with other Career Collaborators at semesterly events
  • Gain tailored assistance in integrating career into curriculum and campus activities
  • Be the first to know about and register for Career Center faculty/staff trainings
  • Request financial support from the Venture Fund for career-related initiatives and professional development related to career development
  • Receive a digital Career Collaborative badge to put in your signature line
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Classroom Engagement

The Career Center supports the career development of your students and we wish to form a collaboration with you to connect your curriculum with the post-graduation plans of your students. Review these classroom engagement resources and connect with us to help your students become self-aware, professionally developed, and career-ready. Class & Organization Presentations, Class Assignments, Career Assessments, and the Interview Preparation Program.

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Classroom Toolkit

Use the following resources with your students to help them progress in their career development. Career Development Resources, Classroom Modules & Activities, and Pre-Recorded Presentations.

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Faculty & Staff Trainings

The career center creates and maintains ample opportunities for our colleagues across the university to hone their skills and knowledge on best practices in helping students with their career education, integrating the concepts of purposeful work into the curriculum, and discovering innovative approaches to blending services into a concerted Charlotte Model of success. Learn more about the Career Competency Institute, Career Consultant Training Program, Consulting, Purposeful Work Research, and Virtual Trainings.

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Career Coaching

The career center provides career coaching support to our faculty and staff interested in their own career development and personal branding.

  • If you are a current student or alumni – you are eligible to request a career coaching appointment through Hire-A-Niner.
  • If you are NOT a current student or alumni – please contact Dr. Suzanne Voigt.