Classroom Support

The University Career Center supports the career development of your students and we wish to form a partnership with you to connect your curriculum with the post-graduation plans of your students. 

Review the pages of this section and connect with us to help your students become self-aware, professionally developed, and career ready.

All faculty automatically receive accounts on Hire-A-Niner to allow viewing of active job postings, employers that visit our campus and the wide array of career events that are available to your students. Want to grant extra credit for attending our events or excuse students who attend our career fairs? Find out how!

Referring Students to the Career Center

As you interact with students in your classroom or who visit you for academic advising, we ask that you keep our resources in mind as a tool that can help students achieve their goals while enrolled and after graduation. We encourage you to explore the rest of our website to see in detail what we can offer. The chart below provides an overview of our career development services. 

Individual Career Coaching

1 hour private sessions with a career coach to cover in depth topics such as exploring industries, selecting a major, reviewing career assessment or discussing sensitive topics such as identity issues in the job search process. Appointment required.

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Drop-In Coaching

15-30 minute individual sessions to offer general career assistance with topics ranging from resume building to interview preparation. Available almost every day without an appointment. 

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Career Meet Ups

30 minute group sessions about specific career-related topics. Topics like 'Interviewing for Introverts' or industry specific resume development provide precision assistance when it is needed in a comfortable group setting with students who have similar concerns. RSVP is recommended to reserve a seat.

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