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Training for Faculty/Staff

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Through the UNC Charlotte Career Center, there are training opportunities on career development best practices in order to assist faculty and staff with supporting their students.

Career Competency Institute

This training program supports faculty in their integration of career competencies into their current academic courses in order to support students in their overall skill development. Through this training, faculty learn how to translate their course activities and assignments using career competency language to help make the connection between their course and students' future careers.

Career Consultant Training Program

This training program provides faculty and staff with the key strategies and techniques to work with UNC Charlotte students on their career development and management in a consulting role.  Learn about common approaches, techniques, and strategies used by career development professionals at UNC Charlotte and across the nation from experts in the field.


Our consulting services offer a comprehensive approach to enhancing academic programs, drawing on a wealth of data accumulated over the past decade. Leveraging insights from the extensive alumni network spanning more than 10 years, we analyze key competencies and skill demands extracted from thousands of open positions across various industries and geographic areas. Our methodology integrates career center student usage data, illuminating patterns and preferences in career-related resources.

Virtual Trainings

Each month, the Career Center hosts a virtual session on a topic that supports the professional development of faculty and staff across campus.