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The Venture Fund

The Venture Fund is an innovative initiative designed to empower and support campus partners in fostering career-related ideas, innovations, and new concepts for students' career education.  This program is tailored to promote collaborative efforts between campus departments, fostering a "one-university" mindset when it comes to student career development. Our goal is to inspire purposeful work, support discipline-specific experiential learning, and help students co-create their unique college journey.

To qualify for Venture Fund assistance, it is necessary to have completed the Career Consultant Training Program, the Career Competency Institute, and/or be a highly engaged partner/collaborator with the Career Center.


1. Fostering Collaboration: The Fund encourages close collaboration among various campus entities, including academic departments, career services, student organizations, and administrative units. By working together, we aim to provide a holistic and integrated approach to career education.

2. Inspiring Purposeful Work: We believe that students thrive when they pursue careers that align with their passions and values. This program empowers campus partners to create initiatives that inspire students to explore meaningful career pathways.

3. Supporting Discipline-Specific Experiences: Recognizing the importance of hands-on learning, the fund provides financial support to campus partners proposing discipline-specific projects, internships, and innovative career programs. This support enhances students' readiness for the job market.

4. Co-Creating the College Experience:  The Fund encourages campus partners to actively engage in shaping the college experience for students. It provides resources to design career-related programs, workshops, and experiences that enrich students' academic journey while breaking down silos often found in Higher Education today.

By nurturing a culture of innovation, purpose-driven work, and collaboration, The Venture Fund is dedicated to transforming students' college experiences and preparing them for meaningful, fulfilling careers. Together, we aim to create a vibrant and student-centric ecosystem that empowers students to embark on purposeful career journeys and succeed in a rapidly evolving job market.