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Career Presentations

The University Career Center has developed a number of presentations to support the career and professional development of our students in both the classroom and student organization settings. Presentations can be requested by faculty or student organization leaders through the form below and can be 30 minutes in length up to 1.5 hours in length depending on the topic. Request a presentation as soon as possible, since presentation slots fill up fast!

To maximize our ability to meet the needs of the whole UNC Charlotte campus:

  • We can accommodate up to two (2) presentations per class/group per semester
  • Requests must be made no less than two weeks in advance
  • Presentations should be no earlier than 8:00 am and start no later than 7:30 pm
  • Assessment presentations (CliftonStrengths and MBTI) are limited and currently only offered for courses with less than 50 enrolled students. Faculty may select one of the two assessments for their course, pending availability. If you’d like to discuss the presentation outcomes and how they may align with your goals for your course, please connect with Jessie Simonik to schedule a brief consultation.
  • Options include:
    • A pre-recorded video presentation
    • A live webinar
    • An in-person presentation

Request a Presentation

  • Freshmen/Sophomore-Level Courses: Overview of Career Center Services & Resources, PathwayU assessment, Exploring Majors & Careers, Career Competencies, and Resume & Cover Letter Development
  • Junior/Senior-Level Courses: Interviewing Strategies & Professional Attire, Designing a Digital Portfolio, Internship & Career Search Strategies, LinkedIn & Networking Strategies, CliftonStrengths assessment, Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment, Searching & Applying to Graduate/Professional School, and Social Media in Your Career Brand
  • Masters/Doctoral Courses: Curriculum Vitae (CV) Development, Resume & Cover Letter Development, Internship & Career Search Strategies, LinkedIn & Networking Strategies, CliftonStrengths assessment, and Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment

Students, student organizations, and University departments can request the use of space at the University Career Center (UCC) for career-related meetings or small events. To request space, review the policies below, then complete the Space Request Form.

Two spaces may be available:

1. Career Classroom - 12 tables, seats 30 people with tables or 50 people without tables. 2 wall-mounted screens with computer and laptop connector.

2. Conference Room - conference table, seats 15 people. 1 wall-mounted screen with computer and laptop connector.

Space reservation policies:

  • Requests for space must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Space availability is based on other events/meetings/presentations in the space and staff availability.
  • Space is not available before 8am or after 8pm.
  • The person or group requesting the space is responsible for any setup for the event (moving chairs or tables). At the end of the event/meeting, the space should be returned to it's regular layout.

Request Space