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Career Branding

Two people stand next to each other wearing suits and one is wearing a tie

A resume is a tailored marketing document designed to showcase your relevant education, experience and skills. Not sure where to start? Explore a few of our resume templates and you can also see a variety of industry resumes within each of the Career Community pages too!

A cover letter is a tailored marketing document designed to accompany your resume when applying for a position. It tells the employer why you want the position and what makes you the best candidate.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that encompasses a digital version of your resume, promotes the sharing of knowledge and ideas, allows you to stay up-to-date with market trends and industry information. It can also generate new employment opportunities and connections with professionals.

The more you practice interviewing, the better you become at interviewing! Take the next step in preparing yourself for an internship, scholarship, job interview or continuing your education. We offer a few different ways for you to get practice and support with interviewing through our Interview Prep Program. There are opportunities for you to practice with coaches or industry professionals plus access to the Big Interview Platform that provides step-by-step interview training.

First impressions count and are often formed in a matter of seconds. The basic rule for a job interview is to dress one step above what you’d be wearing on the job. Additionally, think about your career field and research how professionals dress in various organizational environments. Some company cultures may be more traditional while others may be more relaxed.

A professional photo is a key piece of your professional brand that can be used for your LinkedIn page. We offer a professional photo service in our office in the form of a professional photobooth, Iris. It is easy and quick to use and offers studio quality photos right to your phone. 

When approaching recruiters, you only have about 5 minutes to convince them to contact you for a future interview. With that in mind, the more prepared you are, the better you will be able to sell yourself. Preparing a 30 second “commercial” about yourself can help break the ice and get the interaction started in the right direction.