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Professional Attire

dress for success

  • Stay true to who you are. Confidence is key and its hard to be confident if you're uncomfortable in your clothing
  • The basic rule for a job interview is to dress one step above what you’d be wearing on the job
  • Think about your career field; research how professionals dress in various organizational environments (i.e. some company cultures may be more traditional while others may be more relaxed) 
  • If you are not sure what is appropriate dress for your field, it is ok to call Human Resources to ask
  • Do you have questions around gender identity, authenticity and expression in your professional dress? Contact

What is...

Business Professional?


Business Professional traditionally includes a jacket and pants/skirt/dress.

  • Solid, Dark or Neutral Colors, such as black, taupe, beige, brown, blue and gray
  • Light colors can be worn underneath
  • No Stripes or Bright Prints/Colors
  • Closed-Toe Heel or Dress Shoes
  • Suit Jacket & Pants/Skirt should be matching colors
  • Carry a portfolio, professional bag or simple purse with essentials only

Business Casual?


Business Casual does not include the full suit but may include a relaxed style of jacket/shirt/blouse/sweater and pants/skirt/dress

  • Nice Pants / Slacks
  • Dresses
  • No Jeans, Shorts, Sundresses or Athletic Wear
  • Ties are Optional
  • Skirts and Dresses should be knee-length when standing and thighs covered while seated
  • Jackets & Shoes: Blazers & Cardigans with flats, boots, closed-toe shoes or comfortable shoes for walking in

Tips for Both Business Professional & Casual

  • Make sure colors of clothing items are complementary
  • Try clothes on early and make sure they are right fit
  • Clothes should be tailored, in good condition and wrinkle/lint free
  • Avoid distracting accessories, jeans, shorts and athletic shoes
  • Practice good hygiene
  • Wear moderate jewelery with mild fragrance
  • Belts should match the color of your shoes and attire
Did you know?

The University Career Center operates a professional clothing closet where students have the opportunity to select professional attire needed for an interview, career fair, networking event or everyday work.

Inside Image of Professional Clothing Closet, showing Clothing Racks along the wall