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Exploring Career Communities

Don't miss an opportunity join in on our Career Community Week just for our Explore Career Community!

Take a look at all events happening that week! (Note: these events count toward the Niner Career Challenge!)

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Exploring careers can feel overwhelming and if you are not sure where to start - you aren't alone! Many people, just like you, struggle to find the right fit but we're here to help! 

STEP 1: Learn what Careers May Be A Great Fit!

Understanding who you are and what you like is an important piece of the puzzle to finding a great career fit! Take Pathway U, a career assessment, to learn more about your interests, personality, values and workplace preference! 

STEP 2: Meet with a Career Coach to explore more!

PathwayU is a great starting place but it's not going to tell you exactly what you should do! Schedule an appointment with a Career Coach to talk about your results! We can help make it feel less overwhelming and walk WITH you through the results to make it feel less overwhelming!

STEP 3: Join a Career Community (or two) of interest

Still not sure which direction may be the best? That's okay! Career Communities allow you to learn about a variety of industries that may be interesting for you without the pressure! Communities are an easy way to explore areas and try things out. Schedule an appointment with a Career Community specific Career Coach to learn more about their specific areas! 

STEP 4: Attend Career Community Meet Ups to explore a variety of careers

Career Community Meet Ups let you explore careers and possible areas of interest by learning from employers in the field and Community specific Career coaches. Take a look at all of our Meet Ups to see which ones may be a good fit for you!

STEP 5: Explore our 'What Can I Do With A Major In...?' cards

Selecting a major can be a challenge for some and a lot of students stress over the possibility of selecting the wrong major. We encourage you to explore our 'What Can I Do With a Major In...?' resource to learn about what job options exist for each major. 

STEP 6: Learn about careers

Learn about careers by reviewing: 

  • Vault
  • The Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • O*Net Online
  • Career One Stop
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics' Projections