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University Professional Internship Program

About the Program

Internships offered through the University Professional Internship Program (UPIP) differ significantly from most other student employment positions on campus, as they are designed to provide professional knowledge and skill development consistent with your major/career goals. UPIP positions are not your average student employment job where you just show up and complete tasks as directed. We work with departments and students to make sure that experiences are valuable and mutually beneficial. 

UPIP students must participate in professional development opportunities, as part of a course they are assigned to complete each semester. UPIP interns are expected to be proactive, diligent, and involved. At the end of the internship, you should have built a portfolio, participated in networking opportunities, and be able to incorporate the experience into your resume. 

  • Internships are part-time during the fall and spring semesters, with students typically working 10-15 hours/week.
  • UNC Charlotte faculty and administrators serve as mentors.
  • All positions pay $12 an hour. 
  • Students may have an internship over multiple sessions, but ONLY ONE UPIP internship per semester.

Find open positions in Hire-A-Niner by searching "UPIP" in the keyword field. Each internship application requires a resume and cover letter to be submitted through Hire-A-Niner. You are encouraged to make an appointment with a career coach (you can do this through your Hire-A-Niner account) or have your application materials critiqued during University Career Center drop-in hours. You may also contact the University Career Center directly with questions. Email

UPIP is available to full-time sophomores, juniors, and seniors seeking a first bachelor's degree and in good standing with the university.


Benefits to Students
  1. Professional experience in your field without leaving campus
  2. Faculty/staff mentoring
  3. $12 per hour for up to 15 hours per week (Starting Fall 2022)
  4. Possibility for academic credit
  5. Specialized programming for UPIP interns
  • UPIP internships are available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors seeking a first bachelor’s degree and are in good standing with the university.
  • Students must adhere to the university policy on campus employment (students are not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week TOTAL at UNC Charlotte). Students are required to disclose other employment on campus to UPIP mentors.

Upload Resume

All resumes in Hire-A-Niner must be approved by the University Career Center, so make sure you give yourself enough cushion to complete this step. Resume approvals usually take 1-2 business days to complete. Drop in for resume assistance – helps to speed the process along!

Prepare a Cover Letter

Drop in for cover letter help; no appointment needed. Remember to target each cover letter to individual opportunities you are applying for.

Search Hire-A-Niner

Positions all have “UPIP” at the beginning of the position title. Application instructions can be found with each position.

Practice Interviewing

You can either practice online through big Interview, sign up to practice with employers through the Interview Prep Program, or make an appointment with your career coach. Practice, practice, practice!

Preparing While Waiting

When a position is taken down from Hire-A-Niner it normally signifies interview will commence. Continue to prepare for the interview, be ready for the possibility to be called in, continue searching. All hiring decisions are made by the hiring department (not the University Career Center).

Complete HR Paperwork

If you landed a UPIP position – CONGRATULATIONS! The next step is to complete your I-9 and the HR paperwork packet; take the completed paperwork and proof of ID to Human Resources in the King Building.

Because this is a professional internship, all UPIP interns are required to attend at least 4 professional development events sponsored by the University Career Center. These can include any seminars, trainings, or large scale events like career fairs. You can email us if you plan to attend something and want to confirm it will count toward your professional development requirements. Please be sure to log all events as assignments in your UCOL2400 Class each semester. Email reminders will be sent from

The University Career Center offers resources to help with all of your career development needs, both in our office and online. To get started with your resume and cover letter, check out our Career Guide.  Practice your interview skills with Big Interview. Need more in-depth help? Make an appointment with a career coach through Hire-A-Niner