“Once you are part of the family, you are always part of the family…and we help family.”

-Dr. Patrick Madsen, Director
University Career Center

Welcome, UNC Charlotte alumnus! We valued assisting you with your career development when you were a student, now we would like to offer our services to you as alumni. We believe in life-long development and the continuous enhancement of our alumni community.  As a graduate of UNC Charlotte you have access to career coaches, career fairs and an assortment of on-going career development programs and services. In addition, we welcome you to return to campus (physically or virtually) to support current students in their career journey. 

Career Coaching

Want to sharpen your professional brand with a resume or LinkedIn profile review or learn how to take networking to the next level? Are you re-envisioning your career and want to talk through strategies with a career coach? Schedule a career coaching appointment today and work with a member of our team to help you make that next step.

We want to meet you where you are, and to best accommodate your busy schedule, our team is happy to offer in-person, virtual, or phone appointments.

To schedule an appointment with your career coach, you'll need to log in to Hire-A-Niner.  Upon logging in to Hire-A-Niner, click "Make an Appointment" on the left side of the home page, and from there you'll be able to select a date and time for a 1:1 coaching appointment that will work best with your schedule.

First-time logging in as an alumni? Follow the directions on the alumni login page to access your account with your temporary password. You'll also need your Student ID number. Don't remember your UNC Charlotte ID number? Call the OneIT Service Desk at 704-687-5500 for assistance.

Career Events

Alumni have FREE access to career events, including career fairs, networking events, and Career Meet Ups. Check out our list of upcoming events

Career Guide

Access our Career Guide publication to refresh your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, networking skills, and more. 

The University Career Center values alumni participation in our programming, and your perspective and advice is critical for students as they prepare for their careers. Get involved as a speaker or facilitator in the following programs:

Career Meet Ups

These are engaging 30-minute sessions offering a “crash course” for students interested in learning more about your industry or your job function (i.e. “Careers in Creative Marketing” or “Non-Profit Job Search”). These take place on Monday-Thursday at various times. Career Meet Ups are designed for students to learn from industry experts about a specific field and/or job function. Email Jessie Simonik for more information. 

Mock Interview Program

Assist in the professional development of UNC students and alumni through mock interviews on campus, virtually or give feedback in the comfort of your own office through a custom set of created questions via our online platform BigInterview.  Email for more information. 

Panelist/Guest Speaker

The Career Center hosts a variety of industry-focused panels throughout the academic year. If you’re interested in speaking on a panel and representing your employer and/or the industry you work in, email Jessie Simonik ( for more information. 

Career Treks

Host a group of students at your employer to educate them about the industry you work in and the variety of job functions within your organization. Career Treks typically consist of a behind-the-scenes tour and an opportunity to learn from and network with employees. Email Jessie Simonik ( to learn more.

Summer Internship Scholarship

Internships are an important way for students to get insights into a career field, obtain valuable professional experience, and develop new skills. To facilitate this, the UNC Charlotte University Career Center offers funding to our students to alleviate financial obstacles.

Donate to the Summer Internship Scholarship!

Is your employer recruiting at UNC Charlotte? Create pipelines of opportunity for students by posting internships, part-time jobs, and full-time opportunities on Hire-A-Niner


Recruit with US

Internships are an important way to gain insights into a career field, obtain valuable professional experience, and develop new skills. To facilitate this, the UNC Charlotte University Career Center offers funding to our students to alleviate financial obstacles. The Summer Internship Scholarship is specifically designed to encourage students to seek out and accept a quality unpaid internship that will help them explore opportunities crucial to their career success while alleviating some of the financial burden associated with engaging in unpaid internships.

If you are interested in helping support your fellow niners achieve career success through unpaid internships, we would appreciate your support! Any amount is appreciated and counts towards helping make a difference in our students journey towards career success.

Give to Summer Internship Scholarship

Fill out the following information and a Career Center staff member will gladly connect with you to discuss your interests and explain more about our programs. 

Encourage your employer to post internship/full-time job opportunities on Hire-A-Niner.

What better way to assist UNC Charlotte students than by providing them with internship or full-time job opportunities? Direct your human resources department to our Employers page to get started.

Questions about the Career Center’s alumni services and resources? Interested in getting involved and helping current UNC Charlotte students prepare for the future? Contact Jessie Simonik, Assistant Director, for assistance.