Big Interview

Account Access

  • For new Big Interview faculty: After completing the Big Interview Assignment Request form our team will contact you with your preferred due date.
  • You will then need to log in to so that your account can be given review privileges. This will allow you to view all student interview submissions. 
  • Please bookmark, your portal to Big Interview.
  • You will log in using your UNC Charlotte Email and Password.

Request Big Interview Assignment Launch Big Interview

Watch a quick video about using Big Interview for class assignments.

Webcam enabled computers on campus

Big Interview technology requires that students have access to a computer with a webcam. Webcam enabled computer labs on campus are: Burson 114 &131, COED 037 & 434, Fretwell 215, McEniry 105 & 106. If students do not own a webcam-enabled computer they are encouraged to check out a laptop through Atkins Library or the Student Union. Computers with webcams are also available in the Career Center on a limited basis, check with our office for details. 

Account Access for Teaching Assistants

If you have a TA for your class and would like for them to be able to view and comment on assignments please e-mail to get your TA upgraded to a location admin which will allow them to assist with grading.

Tablet & Mobile Access

Big Interview is compatible with mobile devices.

Editing comments on student interviews

At this time, comments and Star Ratings cannot be updated or changed. The program does allow you to regrade a particular student's assignment to give them a new grade. There is also no spell-check in the comments section.

Late Assignments and Make-Ups

At this time, the University Career Center is unable to grade assignments submitted past the due date. The program's popularity has created a tight schedule. We are happy to assist you in learning the very intuitive grading system to grade these assignments. 

Want to Grade Your Own Assignments?

Contact our team at to learn about how you can review and grade your own Big Interview assignments!