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Recruiter at Carer Fair Surrounded by Candidates

We offer many career-related events, career fairs and group sessions throughout the academic year. We support faculty promoting our events to students and encouraging students to utilize us as a resource. Our events are also open to faculty and we encourage you to attend. 

Event Attendance Verification

Want to grant extra credit for attending our events or excuse absences for students who attend career fairs? Request confirmation of either your entire class or a few students by completing our Class Assignment Form.

Event Partnerships: Industry Guest Presenters: employers and alumni would welcome the opportunity to speak to your classes on a number of topics including job and industry information, as well as professionalism in the workplace. Our office provides services to our academic programs in searching for these unique presenters.

Career Events: In an effort to integrate career development into all aspects of a student’s university experience, our office is here to partner with you in the development of unique and sustainable programs and events. These might include networking events with alumni and employers, panel programs, or curriculum design. We offer the following services:

  • Operations support such as room reservations, student registration, check-in service, and more.
  • Marketing support to reach students, alumni, and employers in the field.
  • Follow-up assessment from participants.

Connect with Dr. Suzanne Voigt to discover additional ways to partner!