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Disability @ Work Series

Every spring, the University Career Center offers programming that centers on disabled community members and their professional development as well as their rights in the workforce.

The theme this year is The Future of the Neurodiverse Workforce

If you need accommodations, please email Lee Anne Tourigny at

If you are a community member who does not have a Hire-A-Niner account but would like to attend one or more of these event, please fill out the following form and a zoom link will be emailed closer to the event:

  • Thursday, March 14th 11 AM - 12 PM EST
  • Led by Dr. Dave Caudel from The Frist Center for Autism and Innovation

This session will talk about the strengths and challenges of neurodiversity, and the underserved and underutilized members of our society.

Dr. Dave Caudel is the associate director of the Frist Center for Autism and Innovation at Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee. Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2009, Caudel is a neurodivergence advocate, speaking to a variety of organizations, including the U.N. and autism conferences internationally. For much of his life, he struggled to find his place in the world, and has had a number of careers, including videographer, soldier in the U.S. Army, journalist, photojournalist, magazine editor, public affairs specialist, truck salesman, and corporate stints from customer service to loss prevention, just to name a few, before deciding to give, “this college thing a try.” He received his Ph.D. in Physics at Vanderbilt University in 2017. He serves on the advisory committee for the Center for Discovery, Innovation, and Development (CDID) at Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Jersey, the Clinical Advisory Panel on Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities for BlueCare Tennessee, the Vanderbilt University Diversity Council and the All Access Inclusion Network, and is a founding member of the Vanderbilt Autism and Neurodiversity Alliance. His research interests include gamma spectrometers for astrophysics applications and meaningful employment for adults on the spectrum by finding novel, innovative ways to measure their strengths, talents, and passions, then match those to specialized business needs, as well as determining the programs and training needed to maximize success in the workplace.

  • Thursday, March 21st 1-2 PM EST
  • Led by David Barlaam from Honeywell 

    Shared experiences in Job Searching from a Neurodivergent job seeker. In this session we will discuss the challenges, solutions, strategies and ways to get noticed. View from the other side as a Talent Acquisition Leader as well, ways to better understand what companies look for and how to best position yourself!

    David Barlaam is an innovative, tech savvy, business focused, award-winning, global talent acquisition leader and change agent experienced at managing teams up to 125 employees in start-ups through 100,000+ person companies. David leads a large portion of Honeywell's leadership recruiting and has built his team of nearly 50 from the ground up. He's currently leading the Talent Acquisition portion of a global Human Capital Management System Implementation as well

  • Thursday, March 28th 10-11:30 AM EST
  • Moderator: Beth Butler Fadel from Disability: IN-NC
  • Panelists 
    • Lenore Culpepper: Senior Vice President, Consumer & Small Business 
    • Rachel Gibson: VP, The CFO Group
    • Diana Nicholson: Senior Vice President, Global Risk Management  

This session will provide tips and best practices on interviewing as a neurodivergent candidate. Neurodivergent panelists from Bank of America will share their experiences from interviewee to interviewer. 

  • Thursday, April 4th 11 AM-12 PM EST: 
  • Led by Musi Lee from JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Neuroinclusion is an important dimension of accessibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts that many organizations are leaning into, considering that 17 % of the global population is neurodivergent. That data point puts emphasis on diversity of thought, skills, perspectives, and culture – and that is represented in every room and in every organization. So, who’s in the room?

As the global head of Autism at Work, Musi is responsible for establishing partnerships with regional autism organizations, including universities and research institutes in creating a talent pipeline for individuals with autism spectrum condition. Her responsibilities include creating a global Neurodiversity strategy that will develop, influence, drive and execute efficient processes and that will augment and create a firmwide Neuroinclusive culture. This model will ensure implementing Neuroinclusive end-to-end talent lifecycle as well as ensuring best practices for training of managers, recruiters and colleagues to support Neurodivergent employees.

  • Thursday, April 11th 11 AM-12 PM EST
  • Led by Laura Trybus

This webinar will cover the basics of digital accessibility. Topics covered will include a general description of digital accessibility, the core principles of accessibility, accessibility tools, examples of effective accessible design, and a brief overview of the laws surrounding digital accessibility. 

Laura Trybus is an Instructional Technologist and Assistive Technology Specialist at the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Teaching and Learning. Laura is a certified accessibility professional who provides training and support for faculty and staff wanting to learn more about digital accessibility, educational technology, and multimedia creation