How Students Find Jobs: Hire-A-Niner

  • Current and admitted students my login to Hire-A-Niner using their existing NinerNet credentials.
  • Once you login to your Hire-A-Niner account you can search for the various opportunities in the database. Each position may have specific criteria that must be meet to apply for the position, so read the requirements for each position, as well as the system will display if you are missing, or not meeting, certain criteria.
  • In an effort to maintain positive relationships with our employers and help you present yourself professionally, we require each student to have an approved resume before submitting it for many jobs and internships, on-campus interviews, and resume books. Review the Resume Approval Checklist carefully before submitting your resume. Only the first resume is required to be approved, and you can upload as many as you need based on various job types.
  • The first time you upload your resume into Hire-A-Niner, your resume will be held for review by our staff. The review process takes 1-2 business days. Once your resume is reviewed, you will receive an email letting you know whether or not it has been approved. If changes are needed, you will receive individual feedback about your resume. Once you have an approved resume in Hire-A-Niner, you can upload additional documents without needing approval.
  • If you need assistance, the Career Center offers drop-in hours to quickly and thoroughly respond to your questions about resumes, cover letters, interview techniques, LinkedIn profiles, and Hire-A-Niner questions. The best part - no appointment is needed!
  • As we stated, each position may have specific criteria to apply (i.e.-cover letter, writing sample, other documents such as unofficial transcript, supplemental questions, references, etc). Please review each job description and criteria to upload the documents into your Hire-A-Niner Documents section. If you do not have the appropriate tagged document, the system will not allow you to apply.
  •  Login to your Hire-A-Niner Account
  • If needed, complete the personal and academic account information under “My Account”
  • Confirm you have uploaded documents, and have an approved resume, under “Documents”
  • Search for opportunities under “Jobs” or under the Quick Links section “Search Jobs (all jobs)” or “Jobs I Qualify For”
  • You can search jobs by use of keyword search or location. If you search all jobs, you can add position type, industry, and more filter options.
  •  If searching for an On-Campus position, use the Prefix Legend to search by FWS: Federal Work Study, STW: Student Temp Wage, UPIP: University Professional Internship Program, or Graduate Assistant.
Once you have an approved resume, uploaded any required documents, and searched for positions you will be apply to apply to an opportunity. You will click on the “Apply” button, select your resume, and other documents if required, then submit the information. Your resume, and documents, will be sent to the contact attached the job, and the employer will reach out to you if you are selected for an interview. Note: Some employers may have an additional location for you to apply directly to their website, or via application link.


Key Resources for Students Preparing for Job Search

This comprehensive resource provides students with a vast variety of activities, from exercises designed to help with major and career exploration, a detailed guide to writing resumes and cover letters, to salary negotiation tips. 

Launch Career Guide

A Mock Interviews is a professional development tool to practice your skills and gain feedback from employers, career advisors, and alumni. We encourage students to consider scheduling at least one mock interview each academic year to fine tune their skills. BigInterview, an online platform that allows students to record their answers to a set of interview questions and replay them, is another great interview practice tool.

Learn more about Mock Interview

Offered several times during fall and spring semesters, the University Career Center & the Jamil Niner Food Pantry invite students to attend a workshop on career branding for the opportunity to receive free professional clothing generously donated from the Charlotte community.
The Career Center offers drop-in hours to quickly and thoroughly respond to students questions about resumes, cover letters, interview techniques, LinkedIn profiles, and Hire-A-Niner questions. The best part - no appointment is needed!

Learn more about drop-ins

The Career Center offers several Career Fairs throughout the academic year in which students can visit a wide variety of different employers to learn about part-time, internship, and full-time job opportunities. Students can find additional information about each fair (like a list of employer attendees, dates, times, and location) in Hire-A-Niner.

Students are encouraged to meet with their career advisor and/or attend a career fair preparation meet up to gain confidence in networking skills and learn how to best navigate these large-scale events.

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