Class Packages

The UCC has put together a progression of course packages to assist you in infusing career objectives and development into your syllabi. Below you will find the options for the upcoming year.

Package 1: Classroom Presentation

UCC has developed a number of presentations to support the career and professional development of our students. Presentations can be 30 minutes in length up to 1.5 hours in length depending on the topic. Request a presentation as soon as possible, since presentation slots fill up fast!

Presentation Recommendations:

  • Freshmen/Sophomore Heavy Courses: Introduction to the University Career Center, Career Decision Making & Passion Discovery, Resume 101, Experiential Learning and Internship Search, Discovery Assessments (MBTI, Strong, StrengthsQuest)

  • Junior/Senior Heavy Courses: Developing a Targeted Resume, Interview Skills, Job & Internship Search, Applying to Graduate School, Social Media and your Career, Networking 101

  • Internship/Experiential Learning/Clinical Rotations: Resume Development, Interview Skills, Job Searching, Networking

  • Masters/Doctoral Courses: Developing a Career Brand, Resume Development, Interview Skills, Networking, Advanced Job Searching

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Package 2: Interview Prep Program

The program is intended to engage students in the development and practice of interviewing skills–virtually and in person. Program allows for two options:

  • Faculty-Driven Practice Interviews: Receive instructions for setting up your own practice interview assignment in BigInterview. Students will complete a self-evaluation and MIP Rubric will be available for grading purposes.

  • UCC-Driven Practice Interviews: Request our MIP Team to create a custom assignment for your class in Big Interview. Students will complete a self-evaluation and receive individualized feedback from our team. MIP Rubric can be requested for grading purposes.

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Package 3: Event and Program Attendance

Throughout the year, UCC implements a robust event and programming calendar to include: career fairs, career readiness workshops, and employer focused informational programming. You have the option of requiring attendance at one or more of our events.

UCC Requirements: Faculty will need to provide the class roster and deadlines for students to complete the assignment. A UCC team member will provide final information to faculty member at the end of the semester.

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Package 4: Customized Services

Your UCC Liaison is available to discuss specialized programming and presentations, not already developed in other packages, for your class, department, or student group.

Faculty can choose a career topic that is salient to the course and the UCC can create a customized presentation to teach during one of your class periods. This can include an assignment.

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