students speaking to a recruiter

We offer many career-related events, career fairs and group sessions throughout the academic year. We support faculty promoting our events to students and encouraging students to utilize us as a resource. Our events are also open to faculty and we encourage you to attend. 

Attendance Verification

Want to grant extra credit for attending our events or excuse absences for students who attend career fairs? Request confirmation of either your entire class or a few students.

How do I verify student attendance at a Career Center event? 

You may request verification of individual students, a single course section or for a block of courses by sending a request to In your request include the name of the event, course number and section numbers. If requesting verification for a non-course group, you may send a roster with student IDs or campus e-mail addresses. We respond to most requests by the business day following an event. Responses will be sent on our standard attendance verification form unless another format is specified. 

How do I verify student utilization of Career Center services? 

Follow the process described above, but please also specify a time range and the types of services that you are interested in knowing about your students using.