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UNC Charlotte’s University Career Center is here continuing to facilitate those connections with our students, alumni, and your hiring needs. All recruiting and branding opportunities will be available virtually or in person. The University Career Center is equipped with interview rooms and meeting spaces large enough for social distancing.  Staff are available to discuss recruiting strategies to support your current and future needs; please email us at and a member of our team will follow up.

Read more about our Fall 2021 Recruiting opportunities below.

Industry Meet-Ups

Virtual or In-person

Industry Meet Ups are designed for employers to use expertise inside your organization to engage students in a conversation to help them in their professional or career development. The basic industry meet up should be 15-20 minutes content, 10 minutes about your organization, and 10-15 minutes of Q&A.

  • Lead a professional development topic of your choice and brand your organization in one, 30-45 minute virtual session with a small group of students.
  • Meet-Ups take place Monday-Thursday at 12pm and 4pm.
  • We market Industry Meet-Ups to various groups of students to learn about your organization and/or industry as well as the professional development topic you choose.

 For consultation on Industry Meet Up topics, please email us at and a member of our team will follow up with you. To reserve your Industry Meet Up, please do so through your Hire-A-Niner account. Select “Request New Recruiting Event” under “Quick Links” and choose “Industry Meet Up.”

Virtual Event Tips

Job Postings

Attract applicants for your full time, experiential education, and part-time positions by posting in Hire-A-Niner. We encourage developing a strong job description to include detailed information about your company, its vision and mission to assist candidates in understanding how their skills, interests and values intersect with your organization. To post your positions, please do so through your Hire-A-Niner account.

Recruiting Tables


A recruiting table is a great way to build your brand at UNC Charlotte while you promote and recruit to fill opportunities at your organization. Limited Recruiting Table space is available in front of the University Career Center which will provide appropriate safety measures.  A list of available dates is available on our Recruiting Table page. Request a recruiting table through your Hire-A-Niner account. Email Michelle Wann at with questions.

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On Campus Interviews

Virtual or In-person

On-Campus Interviews (OCI) is an effective way to create a strong presence on campus while recruiting talented UNC Charlotte students. Identify top UNC Charlotte talent by offering virtual interviews as an alternative to on-campus Interviews. Our interview rooms provide adequate social distancing space if you prefer to conduct interviews in person.

To reserve your preferred date(s), please do so through your Hire-A-Niner account.

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Information Sessions

Virtual or In-person

It is time to relate instead of recite. Maybe think about shelving the slide presentation and talk with the candidates about the essential skills you are looking for and those needed for success in your organization. This is a great format to engage with potential candidates in meaningful conversations about your open opportunities in Hire-A-Niner. Is there a current hire that can speak of their experience? There is SO much you can talk about: What post-hire professional development can assist a candidate to grow in your organization. Is there software/technology associated with your current available opportunities? Where is your organization in relation to DEI initiatives? Any of these are great starting points for your Information Session! We are hosting these on campus and virtually, so get your request in today!

To request an information session to talk with students, please do so through your Hire-A-Niner account. Select “Request New Recruiting Event” under “Quick Links” and choose “Information Session.”


Virtual or In-person

A “Gig-ternship” is a short-term freelance work assignment that may be eligible for academic credit but still constitutes a creative learning experience for a student. Assignments could be as little as a couple weeks and upwards of eight weeks in length, between 50-79 hours of total work. The work will relate directly to the student’s academic course of study or their career goals and provide the student the opportunity to build career related experience, have access to senior leadership, and develop skills for the future. Opportunities can be either virtual, in-person, or hybrid. Organizations set the fixed price or pay the student will be paid for each Gigternship.

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Niner Challenges

Niner Challenges allow UNC Charlotte students to build deep connections with organizations through short-term, mini-projects that might be virtual, hands-on, case study and more. The goal of Niner Challenges is to not only help students better understand different areas of work, but to also receive critical feedback on the content, creativity, and overall presentation of their final project from the employer sponsor. Students that engage in the Employer Challenge will also connect with employers in a way that allows them to deeply understand the organization and learn about various roles that they can recruit for in the future.

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