Mock Interview Program

Mock Interview Program LogoOur Mock Interview Program (MIP) will run during the normal recruiting season as an educational opportunity open to all students on campus. This is an excellent way to meet students as well as brand your organization on campus. We have found that employers have used programs such as this one as an excellent pre-recruiting tool to generate interest in their organization. Throughout their job search, students have often turned to their mock interview employer as a real, prospective employer.

The Mock Interview Program is now structured around our six Career Community Weeks that each happen once a year. If you are interested in getting involved with a Career Community Week Mock Interview, please contact the program coordinator at

Employer Mock Interviews On Campus, via Telephone and Virtually

The MIP Team will work with you to market your mock interviews with students who match criteria you set. Once those students have had time to sign up, the mock interviews are opened up to all students on campus to fill any remaining time-slots. Each time-slot is 30 minutes long. Normally, there are 20 minutes of interviewing and then 10 minutes for the employer to give feedback to the student. 

Why Employers Participate in the Mock Interview Program?


Big Interview Custom Sets

Do you have a competitive entry-level position or internship? Then this tool is perfect for you! A MIP Team Member will work with you to create a custom set of questions in our online mock interview practice tool, Big Interview. From here students can practice for your interview and even share their answers with you for review.