Jim Novak

University Career Center
Assistant Director | Employer Relations
Atkins 181
CO-OPs and Internships

Jim oversees experiential learning programs in our office. He develops intensive, focused, and purposeful relationships with internal and external partners for the creation, implementation, and management of a robust experiential education program for all students.  He creates coordinates, and implements programs to affect students’ experiential education goals, as well as programs to connect students to a strong career-focused network of professionals, mentors, and others in the community who are seeking to mentor and provide Cooperative Education and internship experiences to students.

Jim has thirty-three years of career services and human resource related experience with engineering and technical populations. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Jim earned Bachelor of Arts, and Master of Education degrees from Cleveland State University.  In 1986, he joined CSU’s Career Services Center as Cooperative Education Coordinator for the College of Engineering, annually placing over 250 Co-ops in a variety of industrial settings throughout northeast Ohio, nationally, and internationally.  In 1994, he accepted a position with the Second National Bank of Warren, Ohio managing their entire training function, from assessment and instructional design to implementation and evaluation, and clocked in numerous hours as a Talent Plus+ Certified behavioral interviewer.

In 1997, Jim returned to higher education with Michigan State University’s Career Services Network as a Field Career Consultant in the College of Engineering, where he served for nine and a half years. In 2006, he took on the Associate Director role at the University of Cincinnati, where he managed their On-Campus Recruiting program, and served students through one-on-one advising and teaching career development/job search courses in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  Jim has been a proud 49er in the University Career Center since January 2011.

Over the years Jim has held several leadership roles in professional associations at the regional and state level. Most recently, he was named the Cooperative Education and Internship Association’s Region III Representative in North Carolina. 

Jim has a variety of hobbies and interests. He is primarily into healthy eating and physical fitness. He loves the movies, theater, art museums, reading history and politics, travel, watching college football and basketball, and most all kinds of music. He also likes to draw and paint when time permits.